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3 Must-Have Hair Extension Tools for Stylists

The right hair extension tools for stylists will make a huge difference when it comes to getting beautiful results. If you're new to the industry, adding these three tools to your kit early is a smart investment -- and the results will quickly earn you a solid reputation as an expert!

Crimping Tool

Specifically designed to use when installing hair extensions with I-tips, the hair extension crimping tool actually has multiple uses -- which is why it's such an important part of any beautician's toolkit. While they're meant to assist with crimping links to attach hair extensions and opening the link when it's time for removal, crimping tools can also be used to crimp I-tip beads and trim the bottom tip of I-tip extensions.

When shopping around for your crimping tool, look for a stainless steel model for durability and, for everyday use, an ergonomic design with a comfort grip handle.

Hair Extension Brush

Among the many hair extension tools for stylists (and for clients who want to maintain beautiful hair extensions), a special hair extension brush is an absolute must. Invest in a high quality brush made of boar and nylon bristles to gently brush through hair extensions and detangle the hair without causing hair loss or damage.

Hair extension brushes are made to protect the joint between your client's hair and their extensions. Using a regular hair brush can wear the joint by tugging on it too hard, causing unnecessary breakage or hair thinning. A hair extension brush will help your clients immediately see the beautiful results of their hair extensions in the salon. By investing in one themselves, they can enjoy a thick head of smooth, tangle-free hair for a longer period of time.

Extension Remover Dissolvent

When it's time to remove hair extensions, whether adhered by tape, keratin glue, or fusion methods, you need a special product to do the job as gently, safely and effectively as possible. Because the chemical make up is different for tape, glue or keratin bond methods, you'll need to invest in different products.

Resist the temptation to buy the least expensive brand of hair extension removal products on the market, which can result in severely damaged hair. We recommend that you always use professional quality products when purchasing hair extensions tools for stylists -- particularly when it comes to chemical-based hair extension removers.

With these three important hair extension tools for stylists on hand you'll be all set to provide your clients with the beautiful results they'll be hoping for! Contact Opulence Hair Extensions for product questions, recommendations and ordering.