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5 Hair Extension "Don'ts"

Hair extensions can add gorgeous length and volume to natural hair, but often clients don't understand what is required to keep their hair extensions looking great until their next appointment. If your clients are always asking for tips, they will appreciate you sharing these five "don'ts" with them. Be sure to ask clients how they've been caring for their extensions -- how often they wash their hair, which styling products they use, and what they do to avoid tangling. This will give you valuable insight into things they might need help with so you can talk about strategies that will be useful to them specifically.

DON'T Wash Hair Every Day

If a daily shampoo is a habit, your client may be resistant to skipping a day or two at first. A common solution is using a dry shampoo between washes to keep hair feeling fresh. Dry shampoo absorbs oils and can also help prepare hair for fuss-free styling. On days when your client does shampoo, be sure they know to use a gentle, professional quality shampoo suitable for hair extensions.

DON'T Style Without Protection

One of the best things about natural hair extensions is that you can straighten them with a flat iron or style with a curling iron -- as long as a heat protective product is used first! Apply heat protectors to the middle of the hair shaft to avoid contact with bonds, then downward to the ends. A leave-in conditioner after a shampoo can also help avoid dryness caused by heat damage.

DON'T Process Hair Extensions

Chemical treatments should never be used on hair extensions to lighten the color, straighten or add curl. Chemical processing will damage the hair, causing loss and breakage. Moreover, hair extensions aren't a perfect match to your client's natural hair, so dyeing or bleaching will only lead to poor, mismatched results.

DON'T Forget to be Gentle

Brushing hair extensions several times a day is important to prevent tangling and matting. But clients must take care to only use a brush specifically designed for hair extensions. Show your clients how to hold onto roots with one hand while carefully brushing through the hair with the other hand. Remind them to never brush after a shower because wet hair is prone to catch. It's easy to accidentally tug too hard on extensions and pull them out.

DON'T Go to Bed with Wet Hair

Clients shouldn't leave their hair wet at bedtime for the same reason they shouldn't brush wet hair: the risk of tangling. Wet hair should be blown dry, then gently brushed out. The best way to keep hair extensions free of knots and tangles is to braid dry hair loosely before bed or tie it back in a ponytail.

By making sure your clients aren't committing these 5 hair extension DON'Ts, everyone who leaves your salon will know how to keep their extensions looking their gorgeous best for as long as possible! For more styling tips and advice to pass along to your clients about their hair extensions, contact Opulence Hair Extensions today.