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Best Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair

Hair extensions for thinning hair can instantly add volume and length, but care must be taken to choose a method that won't cause further damage. For each method, human hair is preferred over synthetic for its durability and styling flexibility.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in extensions can help your clients achieve a fuller look, but only offer a temporary solution. Another drawback: clip ins can put stress on hair, potentially causing additional natural hair loss.

Glued In Hair Extensions

Bonding hair extensions with glue should be avoided by clients who are looking for hair extensions for thinning hair. Gluing extensions to your real hair can result in damage (split ends and breakage) -- and possibly even more thinning as the weight of glue pulls on your client's hair.

Tape In Hair Extensions

This method, which applies wefts in rows with tape, is light weight and long wearing -- a big plus for clients who worry about the damage glue or fusion may cause. Unlike strand by strand methods which can lead to breakage, this is a good method for clients who want the best hair extensions for thinning hair. Because the weight of a weft is distributed over a large area, they don't pull on the hair and scalp as much as other types of extensions.

Micro-Ring Hair Extensions

In another method used to attach a hair weft, micro-rings join a strand of hair from the scalp to a second strand from the weft, which is then pulled through a micro ring. Because micro rings don't require heat or chemicals they are a healthier choice than other methods for clients with thin hair.
Thermal Fusion Extensions

This relatively gentle strand by strand method is another good option for your clients with thinning hair. Each strand is threaded through a small tube which is heat-fused to attach each extension near the scalp. Clients love how natural these extensions look, but keep in mind they will only add length, not fullness to thin hair. Another plus is that they can be removed without causing damage to fragile hair.

Now that you know the best hair extensions for thinning hair, you can truly help your clients who are looking for a safe, healthy solution! Contact Opulence Hair Extensions with questions or help ordering.