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Coloring Hair Extensions to Match Your Clients' Hair

Coloring hair extensions is both an art and a science that takes time to master. If you have a lot of clients requesting Remy hair extensions, you will want to be able to offer this service. Because your clients pay top dollar and expect high quality for natural, Remy hair extensions, they expect professional salon coloring as well.

Coloring Hair Extensions is Not a DIY Job

First, stress to your clients that they should not attempt DIY color at home. While a quick online search will bring up plenty of tutorials on coloring hair extensions at home from a box, the results are almost always disastrous.

If your clients have spent the money on Remy hair, they should not balk at the extra price to have the extensions match their hair color perfectly.

What Affects the Color?

Just as certain influences like natural hair color, processed color, other chemical treatments, hair texture, and even hormones, can affect the outcome of color on a human head, coloring hair extensions can be just as tricky and the outcome can be difficult to predict.

Because you don't know the source of the hair, as a stylist all you can do it study the structure of the hair and make an educated guess about the color combinations you will need to use in order to get the desired result.

Manufacturers can Help Match Colors

One of the great features of choosing natural Remy hair extensions is that they come in a wide variety of colors already. If you order from the same manufacturer, it's a good idea to have a color ring so that you can match the color to your client's hair. If you get as close as possible to their current shade, the coloring process won't have to be as dramatic. It's a lot easier to simply add a warm tone to a medium brown extension than it is to take a blonde extension to a dark mahogany color.

Confidently Coloring Hair Extensions

To do be able to confidently color hair extensions, you should already have extensive coloring experience. Coloring extensions truly is an art and a science that can only be mastered through experience and knowledge. While it requires a bit of an investment, buying multiple extensions to practice on will improve your understanding of how Remy hair reacts to color. You might also consider attending a training class to really hone your skills.

Opulence Hair Extensions sells only 100% Remy human hair, and we offer 36 colors so that you can get the best match for each client. For help coloring hair extensions or to find a training class near you, contact us today!