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Hair Extensions Myths: Busted!

It's time to bust some common hair extension myths. Because while plenty of women are enticed by the look of hair extensions, they might be scared by horror stories they've heard. Help put your clients' fears to rest!

5 Common Hair Extension Myths

It's normal to have questions anytime you try a new hair product, treatment, or service. Hair extensions are no exception, but some of the same questions keep appearing over and over again. Here's a look at the top 5 hair extension myths that can be put to rest.

1. Hair extensions damage healthy hair.

This is the number one concern and it's a perfectly natural one. After all, a woman is typically adding hair extensions to supplement her existing hair. The last thing the client wants is to add extensions that will take away from that. The short answer is, No, hair extensions do not damage healthy hair. However, there is a caveat to that assertion: as long as application and removal is done by a professional, and as long as the client adheres to the care guidelines given.

2. Extensions prevent natural hair from growing.

Extensions don't prevent natural hair growth since they are attached to hair that has already broken the surface of the scalp. New hair comes in and grows just like it usually would. As the natural hair gets longer, the extension "grows" longer with it.

3. Extensions are painful.

Extensions should never be painful. If they are, they have not been applied or removed correctly, or a problem has occurred during the customer's care for their hair. Extensions should be comfortable and can be worn for months before needing adjustments. If pain or discomfort develops, the client should always consult her stylist for an evaluation of the issue.

4. Extensions are high-maintenance.

Maintenance is no more complicated than maintenance of natural long hair. That means regular care, cleaning, and brushing to keep the extensions in good shape. Every few months an adjustment may need to be made as the natural hair grows in, but this is no more maintenance-intensive than maintaining colored hair.

5. Extensions limit active lifestyles.

Fear of sweat or jarring movements causing extensions to slip out bred this myth. But as long as the extensions were applied and are maintained correctly, there is nothing to fear. Today's products are designed to last and can handle anything natural hair can. Wash it, pull it up, swim, exercise, play sports…extensions will stand up to it all.

If you are getting questions from your clients about hair extensions, reassure them and put these hair extension myths to rest.