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How to charge and what to charge?


I know that every stylist is different when it comes to price and how to charge.  I have 3 different ways I charge and I teach this in every extension class I do.  I think it is the most important part of this whole business because stylist don't realize by adding extensions how much more of an income they will have.  Everyone is shocked after I run numbers and add up all the things we can get for our services.  In doing bead tip extensions or glue in extensions these particular methods are referred to as strand by strand extensions...

So... the first way to charge is per strand, normally $5 to $8 per strand depending on the length of the extension and if it is straight or wavy because each of these differences means more money you as a stylist will pay per bag.  That way you are charging enough to make money over the cost of the product.  I personally only charge this way if my clients are just using a few strands as a fun color or a highlight in their hair.

The second option is per hour... this means you have your client pay for the product and then charge them per hour to apply the product.  I would suggest you charge anywhere from $60 to $100 an hour.  If you want to charge more than $100 an hour you probably need to charge the 3rd option....

The third option is set price, this includes everything! Hair, beads, application, cut, style and anything else you may need to do with the hair before your client leaves your chair.  That way you never disclose the cost of hair or the cost of your services, its all in the set price... I charge my existing clients around $800 because all my clients have become my friends.  That's how it is with every stylist and I want them to feel taken care of and new clients I charge $1,200 to $1,600 depending on how much hair I use.  I have a full clientele and don't have a lot of time or room for newbz so if I am going to squeeze someone in I want it to be worth my time.

These ideas are what I have found to be the best options for me and been successful in using them:-)