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How to Style Hair Extensions

How to style hair extensions will be at the top of the list for your clients when they first enjoy their new long hair. Most can't wait to try a range of styles that won't work for shorter hair!

Let your clients know that the foundation to any great style is smooth, dry hair. If they're going for a wavy style, they can create loose curls by drying hair around a round boar bristle brush. For a straight, sleek look they can smooth out hair by gently pulling sections straight and drying with a round brush.

Here are 3 simple styles for hair extensions your clients will love.

The Classic Up Do

Up dos are a favored style for formal occasions, but are also a practical alternative to wearing hair extensions down. They are perfect for those between shampoo days as an up do will hold better when hair isn't squeaky clean. A dry shampoo powder can help absorb excess oil if needed and give hair more texture to help it stay up.

With any up do, hair extension wearers will need to take care that the micro rings don't show. They'll want to check their hair from different angles to ensure hair extensions aren't visible from the back or sides. Wearing a low style can help avoid this problem.

To create a classic up do, like a bun or French twist, first brush hair gently into a ponytail. Spray hair with a styling product, then wind into a bun or twist and pin. The more tidy and precise the style, the more care is needed to avoid pulling on the hair. A messier up do puts less tension on hair extensions, and will better hide where extensions attach to the natural hair.

The Fish Tail Braid

This appealing plait is a popular style and is quite easy to do. Unlike a regular braid, the fish tail only uses two sections of hair rather than three. As always, start by brushing hair gently with a soft bristle brush. Then sweep hair to one side and section hair in two parts.

Pull the hair from one section under the other then cross over the top. Combine hair with the section on the opposite side. Continue to pull hair under one section and cross over the top until all the hair is braided. Secure the fish tail braid with an elastic.

You can make this braid a bit neater by starting with a side pony tail secured with an elastic. For a messier look, keep the hair loose and only secure the plait at the hair ends.

Hot Tool Styles

Whenever you use heat to style hair extensions, start with a heat protecting product to avoid over drying and damage. The key to keeping hair extensions looking their best is to use the lowest heat setting that will still get the results you want.

Another important tip is to only use curling or flat irons on thoroughly dry hair, otherwise hair extensions can singe. Keep in mind that the range in the quality of hair styling tools is enormous; always use professional quality irons, ideally made with ceramic or tourmaline.

When curling or straightening hair extensions, use a gentle, consistent tension. Larger barrel curling irons are best, as the style won't take as long and you'll avoid overstressing hair extensions. Use fingers to smooth or loosen curls, then spray with a gentle setting product.

Styling options for hair extensions are plentiful, but these three simple styles will help your clients get started enjoying their beautiful, new long hair. For more tips, or for a specific question about how to style hair extensions, contact Opulence Hair Extensions.