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Storing Hair Extensions

Proper removal and storage of hair extensions is important if you ever want to re-use them. Re-use is one of the best things about hair extensions, but it's only possible if you take the time to remove and store them correctly. Removal and storage comes down to three primary areas of concern:

  • Using the right removal techniques,
  • Taking care of the extensions, and
  • Properly storing the extensions.

Using the Right Removal Techniques

Just as different types of extensions must be attached differently, they must be removed differently, too. Bonded extensions require a keratin dissolvent to remove. Taped-in extensions need a tape release dissolvent that loosens or disintegrates the taped-in bonds.

Taking Care of the Extensions

Extensions need to be washed and conditioned when they're removed. This can be done while they are still attached or after they've been removed, but cleaning them after they've been removed is a better option since it allows you to really see what you are doing and make sure each and every section is clean and cared for. Shampoo removes dirt and grime from the hair while conditioning will help them to stay tangle-free. Pay special attention to the base of the extension, where it connects, as grease and styling products tend to build up here; be sure to remove them as best you can. After they are washed and clean, detangle them.

Properly Storing the Extensions

Always, always, always brush the extensions to remove tangles before they go into storage. Make sure they are completely dry before they go into storage; never store hair extensions that are wet or damp as it can allow mildew and mold to take hold. When you next take the extensions out they can be brittle, stinky, and lose their glossy shine. Let them air-dry or blow them dry in their natural form. Drying the extensions in their natural shape or form is crucial if you want to re-use them later with little fuss.

It's best to store extensions in the same shape as you first bought them. Always place them into a container of some kind that is large enough for them to be stored in their natural shape. The original packaging works great. Don't just toss them on a shelf or into a drawer. Next time you take them out they will be full of tangles and knots. Store the container in a cool, dry place that is not exposed to UV light to avoid fading. Take the extensions out from time to time to air them out; this will help them avoid taking on a musty smell.

For more pro tips on the proper removal and storage of hair extensions, contact Opulence Hair Extensions.