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Summer Care Tips for Hair Extensions

Many customers have asked for summer care tips for hair extensions. Extensions can be tricky to care for in the best of times, but between the sun, sweat, and chlorine, summer is especially hard on hair extensions.

Remy extensions, hair extensions that are made of actual human hair, don't require much special care. You can take care of them just like regular hair. It's the bonds and tape that need special attention. Bonded hair extensions are susceptible to water, whereas tape-in extensions have more trouble with products and lotion. Be sure your customers know which type they have and how to best care for them to avoid loose, broken, or missing extensions.

Top Summer Care Tips for Hair Extensions

Our top summer care tips for hair extensions are:

  • Take care around water. This is especially important for bonded extensions, which are extremely fragile when wet. You don't have to skip the pool altogether, just be sure to dry off the extensions as soon as possible (gently, please!). A quick dry with a towel should work just fine - and you don't need to focus on the entire extension, just the bonded area.
  • Pull it up. Pull your hair up in a loose bun or braid when you're going to be in the water. This will help prevent tangles, which are another potential problem entirely.
  • Avoid ponytails. Yes, we know. Long hair begs to be pulled up in a pony, but ponytails are really hard on extensions due to the extra tension they put on the bonds. If you must do a pony, go for a loose, low ponytail to keep the tension low.
  • Be careful with lotions. Be cautious when applying suntan lotion or any other kind of lotion around the hairline. If the lotion gets on or under the bond, it can cause the extensions to slip out.

Keep up with regular maintenance. Summer may be a time to keep things casual, but it's not the time neglect hair extension maintenance. Make sure your clients understand that they can wash their hair like normal, keeping it brushed and conditioned (but avoid the roots, where the extensions are attached). A leave-in conditioner can help the extensions stay tangle free and smooth.

As you can see, caring for extensions isn't much harder than taking care of hair in general. The bonds that hold in the extensions just require a little special attention.

Be sure to share Opulence's summer care tips for hair extensions with your customers to keep them happy all season long!