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Tape Release Dissolvent Makes Tape-In Extension Removal Easier

Tape-in extensions are becoming more and more popular. Stylists love them for their low learning curve and easy application. Clients love them for the speedy application process and how full they look afterwards. But tape-in extensions can be notoriously difficult to remove….especially when clients try to remove them on their own.

The adhesives used in tape-in hair extensions have to be of the highest quality and strength for extensions to last the full 8-10 weeks before requiring an adjustment. While this is great when you don't want the extensions coming loose or moving, it can be a real pain when the time comes to take the extensions out for removal or repositioning.

Specially-formulated tape release dissolvent eases the process and minimizes damage to the hair.

Removal Risks Associated With Tape-In Hair Extensions

  • Damage to the extension. Every time a client tries to remove tape-in extensions themselves, they runs the risk of damaging the extension. Tape-in extensions are designed to be re-used many times. Improper removal can damage them to the point where they cannot be used again.
  • Damage to natural hair. Rough removal can pull, tear out, or otherwise damage the natural hair. While it will grow back, no one wants to deal with damaged hair that could have been avoided using proper removal tools and techniques.
  • Adhesive residue. Improper removal can result in adhesive remaining in the client's natural hair. It will eventually come out but only after hours of work trying to remove it.

All three of these problems are magnified by clients who try to remove tape-in extensions themselves, but all three can be avoided with patience and the right removal tools.

Removing Tape-In Extensions with Tape Release Dissolvent

Having hair extensions is a lesson in patience. Sure, it's quicker than waiting for your own hair to grow to gorgeous lengths, but it still requires patience during application, daily care, and removal.

Tape release dissolvent is formulated especially for extension adhesives. To use tape release dissolvent:

  1. Spray or squeeze the product on each tape-in extension.
  2. Let it sit for a minute to soak in and permeate the adhesive.
  3. Peel apart the two adhesive sections; do not pull on the extensions!

It's as simple as that! While we always recommend professional removal, there will always be some clients who don't have the time or money. Just as you make sure your clients know how to care for their extensions, make sure they know how to remove them properly too, using Opulence's Tape Release Dissolvent.