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Using proper products....

Okay, I had a funny phone call today trying to help trouble shoot a client through a bond removal process.  She called me freaking out because no matter what she did the bonded hair was not coming out!! I asked if she was applying a good amount to each bond as well as putting it on 5 bonds in a row then going back to the first bond that she applied the dissolvent to and breaking it up with the remover tool after the dissolvent had time to help break down the bond?  Was it a new application or did she use a different company's rebonds to tip the hair for a second use?  Was she using the clamp tool to crack open the bond? .....She answered "yes, yes, yes" to all my questions and finally I found out she wasn't even using our dissolving solution!!!!! SERIOUSLY.... I had to laugh because it was a 15 minute conversation and then I find out... Oh geez... giggle!  Long story short, PLEASE use OUR dissolvent to take out our bond tip hair.  It was made specifically for our bond and is not abrasive for your clients natural hair:-) Its a win win for everyone!