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What to do if the Bead Tip Extension wont fit into a bead?

One of the great things with Opulence Hair Extensions is the fact that our hair is thick. Per strand you get a full gram of hair. Lots of times in the past when I would order from other companies I would get tiny thin strands of hair and I would have to end up ordering more hair... in the end it was more money and very frustrating. With Opulence you have hair that not only is quality but you can use less packs of hair to achieve the look you desire.
If the tip of the extension wont fit into a bead there could be a couple of things going on. You could be trying to attach the extension to to much of your clients hair... so you may need to grab less of your clients hair so there is enough room in the bead to put the extension in as well. The other problem could be the tip of the extension is to thick. If this is the case, you can cut the tip shorter and on an angle so it fits or you can heat the tip up again and roll it smaller. These are just some helpful hits that I have learned over the years and it takes no time at all:-)