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Hair Extensions Remover
Have you gone for hair extensions and looking for something to remove them? You are at the right place. Find great offers on Hair Extensions Remover presented by Opulence Hair Extensions. Hair Extensions Remover smoothens up the cuticles and detangles the hair perfectly. Introducing a great range of remover, it suits almost all kinds of hair extensions. It is an upgraded formula that takes out the extensions without causing the pain. Whether it is a dissolvent, pliers or tape release solvent, everything is available at Opulence Hair Extensions at pocket friendly prices. Our offered products are fast acting remover and give the best results the women want. Say no to pull or tugging, buy the Hair extensions remover at cost effective prices and find the zero residue.

Extensions Remover


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  1. Keratin Dissolvent for Bond Tip/Fusion Tip

    Keratin Dissolvent for Bond Tip/Fusion Tip


    This is special Opulence Gel, Keratin Dissolvent. It is fast acting to remove the bonds quickly, so you can get the job done fast and it doesn't damage the hair like other dissolvents. For the price, it's well worth it. The amount of dissolvent in this bottle is about 8 fl oz. On average, there's enough to remove over 200 - 300 strands of extensions. Learn More
  2. Starter Open Close Bead

    Starter Open Close Bead


    Ever seen one of those $750.00 stainless tools used for applying the Bead Tip method? Come on, give me a break! This is the perfect tool to help you get started applying Opulence\'s micro threaded bead. It\'s affordable, and will last throughout your career. It fits snug in the palm of the hand, and is great for opening and closing the bead. Learn More
  3. Starter Bond Remover Tool

    Starter Bond Remover Tool


    Similar to the Open / Close Bead Tool, this Bond Remover Tool is for the stylist who doesn't want to invest a ton of money into an extension tool for removing extensions put in with the Bond Tip method, yet wants something nice and affordable. This is that tool. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and will remove the bond as good or better than others in its class. Learn More


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